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Carlack's Ultra Combo is for the committed car lover. Packed with eight Carlack car care products this pack covers the inside and out of your vehicle. With paint care, interior care, wheel and glass cleaning products this pack has it covered.

Carlack Insect Remover is an effective paint cleaner for removing bugs and other light stains and contaminants on your vehicle. Carlack Insect Remover is clear coat safe and can be shampooed and polished directly over. Carlack Insect Remover can also be applied to chrome and glass.

Carlack Shampoo has been designed to gently wash away dirt and soften and wash away bug and bird deposits. Carlack Shampoo leaves a soft gloss finish after washing and has been formulated with a small amount of the compounds found in Carlack Complete 68 to leave a micro-layer of polish on your washed surface therefore extending the time between polish applications. Carlack Shampoo is a concentrate, is bio-degradable and has a pleasant scent.

For dull or faded paint work or those heavier paint contaminants is Carlack Cut and Polish Compound with aluminium oxide. An effective cutting compound for either hand or low speed mechanical application. Designed to remove contaminants and oxidised paint, Carlack Cutting Compound prepares your paint surface for application with Carlack Complete 68.

Carlack Complete 68 polish has been the mainstay of the Carlack range for over 50 years. A reliable cleaner/sealer polish with UV additives Carlack Complete 68 is ideal for all painted surfaces and provides a deep shine with easy product application and removal. With nano-particle technology that allows the polish to bond to the paint at a molecular level this polish builds the base of the shine on your vehicle.

For those after the next level of paint shine and protection, Carlack Longlife Wax Sealant provides a top coat finish to Carlack Complete 68 to provide an even deeper shine and with even more UV additives Carlack Longlife offer greater protection for your painted surface. Carlack polish products are designed to work together to give added levels of shine and depth to your vehicle.

Carlack Fast Detailer is a handy spray on fine liquid to remove small contaminants, finger prints and water spots from your already polished vehicle. Designed to complement all Carlack polish products, Carlack Fast Detailer is great for when you arrive for the Show and Shine or just want to freshen up your paintwork. With a gloss, wet-look finish Carlack Fast Detailer is the final step of care for the car lover.

Carlack Wheel and Rim Cleaner has been designed to be clear coat safe and tough on brake dust. Originally designed for cleaning alloy and coated wheels for Porsche, Carlack Wheel and Rim Cleaner is effective on all vehicles. Simply apply and leave for several minutes and wash with a sponge and then rinse with a garden or pressure hose. *

Carlack Plastic Renew is used to refresh and protect vinyl surfaces, plastics and rubbers. With added UV protectants Carlack Plastic Renew is especially useful for dashboards and similar sun exposed interior components. With an ultra-low fume formulation, Carlack Plastic Renew does not leave residue on your interior glass like other products. This product is anti-static and low sheen. **

Included in this pack:

Carlack Cut and Polish Compound 250ml

Carlack Complete 68 500ml

Carlack Longlife Wax Sealant 500ml

Carlack Fast Detailer 500ml spray

Carlack Wheel and Rim Cleaner 500ml spray

Carlack Plastic Renew 500ml spray

Carlack Insect Remover 500ml spray

Carlack Shampoo 1000ml

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Packaging may vary to picture.

*wheels and rims that are excessively soiled may require several product applications and manual scrubbing with a nylon wheel brush. Fine spoke wheels are cleaned more effectively using a nylon wheel brush due to the design of the wheels.

 **for use near glass surfaces we recommend the application of Carlack Plastic Renew to a soft cloth and then onto the surface to be protected. This method of use reduces the need to clean windows following accidental application using the spray pack.

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