Pioneering spirit since 1958. The history of our long-established company.

With an idea in mind, the engineer and tinkerer Helmut Reckling founded Carlack Chemie (Carlack Chemistry) in 1958 and, in his small workshop near Lake Constance on the German Swiss border, began to test his revolutionary materials to manufacture a new generation of paint preservatives.

One year later Carlack 68 reached market maturity as the first fully synthetic "car wax". Carlack 68 was ahead of its time, which is why Reckling confidently integrated the number 68 into its name to emphasise this fact. The first Carlack 68 was impressive as a result of its easy application and the longevity of its paint preservation.

To develop an entirely new innovative product under his own steam was a great success for Reckling, however, it was just one of many milestones on the path to perfect car care. The extension of research and production capacities was the next step. Relentlessly Reckling devoted himself to further developing Carlack sealant technology and began to expand the range with products to maintain and care for aircraft and yachts.

Using highly pure ingredients Carlack products are still manufactured in manual operation and use the most complex production processes. Carlack, Yachtlack, Aerolack and Polylack represent genuine German engineering achievement, craftsmanship and the continuous aspiration to improve. Yet it the primarily appreciation of quality that has enabled Carlack to establish a very discerning range of customers. Carlack products enjoy a particularly excellent reputation among professional finishers, boat builders and both automotive professionals and enthusiasts.

As a medium-sized company, Carlack GMBH developed to where it exported to 35 countries around the world and has distributors in Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, France, Spain, the United Kingdom and USA. At the start of 2012 an ageing Helmut Reckling passed the company on and Carlack GMBH is now a subsidiary of the Swiss Max Lehner Group. Extensive investment and a useful expansion of the product range and brand environment have set the course for the rise to a future-orientated brand. Under the new managing director old values and qualities have been retained and enhanced by progressive developments in the product and brand establishment. An extensive packaging facelift in 2012 and a reorientation of the product portfolio paved the way to continue the successful path of the long-established Carlack brand.

Carlack was first imported into Australia in 1984. By chance a Sydney businessman, while displaying his company’s wares at a German trade show, was positioned opposite the display stand of one Helmut Reckling. As happens at these trade shows you talk with those around you and Reckling demonstrated his polishes to the Australian. Impressed by the product and following some discussion the businessman returned to Australia with some samples and shortly after placed an order with Reckling and commenced a relationship that lasted 30 years. In 2014, the now older Australian decided to close business to allow for his retirement years. In the process of advising customers of his retirement, one customer decided the product was too good not to be available in Australia and a deal was struck to take over the importing and distribution. With this agreement Carlack Products Australia was born and we are committed to providing both car enthusiasts and professionals with excellent, high quality car care products.

All of this provides the consumer with a quality product backed by over 50 years of technical experience which gives you piece of mind in your choice to purchase Carlack Car Care products.

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