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**NEW**   **Made in Switzerland**

Maxolen 39S Plasto-Fix Black has been developed to treat badly faded exterior plastic moulds. Maxolen 39S Plasto-Fix Black treats and colours the faded plastics and brings them up black and shiny like new. Maxolen 39S Plasto-Fix Black has anti-UV additives to assist the moulds in keeping their new, refreshed colour.

Application: Clean plastic surfaces and moulds to be treated and allow to dry. Apply Maxolen 39S Plasto-Fix Black to a clean, dry cloth and coat surfaces to be treated. Apply evenly and allow to doak in and dry. Re-application may be needed for badly faded surfaces. Several light coats are recommended.

Suggestions: Disposal gloves are recommended when using this product. It is recommended inexperienced users section off the area to be treated with masking tape to prevent contamination of other surfaces. 

Warning: This product can be very messy and will stain cloth and other materials.

Label and packaging may vary.

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