Hi Carlack,

I originally used the Carlack 'all in one cleaner / polish' about ten years ago. I bought it from a wholesale panel beater / spray painter supplies place in Sydney. That place closed or moved years ago, and when I ran out if product I couldn't find another store that sold it. It was former spray painter who originally recommended it. It was easily the best product of its type I ever used. He watched me slaving away using products like Turtle Wax and Meguirs and explained why they didn't suit two pack that well. When I couldnt find Carlack I relented and went back to other brands for years. 

I just bought a brand new car and wanted the good stuff again. I couldn't recall the name so I Googled 'german car wax yellow bottle'. Sure enough the distinctive packaging popped up on image find. I went to your website and bought up. I am a clean freak and am obsessed with quality products. So the choice was obvious. 

Ben W. (Balmain NSW)


Hello Carlack,

I first used Carlack 68 in the early 1990's and was impressed with how easy it was to use. Since then I have owned 8 cars and have used it on all of them. I have found Carlack to offer the longest protection and best shine of all the polishes and waxes I have used. I have also used and am very happy with both the Plastic Renew and Shampoo products.

Clive P. (Engadine NSW)


Dear Carlack,

Thank you for your recent help and advice on my faded red 1998 Mitsubishi Lancer. I have tried to brighten the paintwork back up after years in the sun and tried a number of products. A friend of mine recommnended your products but I was sceptical. The Cutting Compound worked wonders but after then using the Carlack Complete 68 over the top I could not believe the change in the car - it looked like new! My neighbour thought we got a new car so you can imagine how happy I am with your products. Thanks.

Ross K. (Padstow NSW)

Ross K. before and after  

 Hi Carlack,


I have tried and really like the Plastic Renew and Complete 68 Polish and thought I would try the shampoo. What a product! Cleans really well and leaves a great shine. Really happy.


Steve B. Roselands NSW



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